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Project Eatlings

An Alien Sheep

“Animation is just another way of telling a story.”
— Christopher Miller

I made this alien sheep for a game jam* where you farm small plant creatures.

I started by drawing the character in Adobe Fresco. Then I went over to Blender to 3D modelled, rigged and animated all the states, and then into Substance Painter for a quick texturing. Finally I brought it over to Unity to render and programmed the animation states and added some animation layers (with an Avatar Mask), to blend between different animations while picking up items. It's rendered with URP and some custom Shader Graphs to get the posterization/cartoony effect.

(* Together with augustalex and johandin)

An Alien Sheep planting an Eatling

Initial concept art

I wouldn't consider myself a concept artist or a character designer. But I always enjoy trying new things, even though this took many iterations over a couple of hours to get to something me and my team liked. This design was made in Adobe Fresco on a Surface Pro 8 with a digital pencil.

An alien looking sheep scetched from the front and the side on a green background