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Sixteen Font

16 vertices per character

“But out of limitations comes creativity”
— Debbie Allen

Why are almost all fonts used in VR/AR flat?

I usually try to construct some creative frames/limitations, when I start a new project. When solving the problem of creating a 3D typeface for use in VR, I decided to create a really low-poly font and set myself the limitation that each symbol should be exactly 16 vertices, and max 32 polygons.

This gave me the creative framework to be able to relatively easily sit down whenever I had some time over, and create a letter.

Screencast of me making one letter

Usage and the future

Currently the font is not available anywhere to buy. Also, I would need to create some tools to be used in game engines to make it easy to use and accessible for screen readers.

But the plan is to release this as a tool for use in VR / AR / MR applications and games, and expand it with more character to support more languages.

Music by me, Jonas Sandstedt, in the morning of January 19th, 2022