This is an icon set I made for my online portfolio. They represent Portfolio, Blog, Information and Contact. The second category represent the filter for the portfolio page: Graphic Design, Webb, Motion Graphic and Identity.


This movie compares how much space one person has in different cities I lived in. This is calculated by taking the number of inhabitants divided by the area of the city. The movie is a tribute to the classic information graphic movie the Power of Ten. Den här filmen jämför hur mycket levnadsutrymme en person… Continue reading Dencity

Japansk poppel

Informationsfilm om trädet “Japansk poppel”, Populus maximowiczii. Detta exemplar växer i Arboretet i Botaniska trädgården i Göteborg. Information movie about the tree “Japansk poppel”, Populus maximowiczii, that can be found in the Swedish tree garden “Arboretet” at Botaniska trädgården in Gothenburg. Teknik: Video, After Effects, Illustrator


58 775 510. That’s how many times you have to watch this movie before the nuclear waste, that right now is planned to be burried, will be harmless. For 100 000 years the nuclear waste need to be untouched from human kind and other creatures. This book is an experiment of time. With graphics and… Continue reading Hundratusen