This is an icon set I made for my online portfolio. They represent Portfolio, Blog, Information and Contact. The second category represent the filter for the portfolio page: Graphic Design, Webb, Motion Graphic and Identity.


This movie compares how much space one person has in different cities I lived in. This is calculated by taking the number of inhabitants divided by the area of the city. The movie is a tribute to the classic information graphic movie the Power of Ten. Den här filmen jämför hur mycket levnadsutrymme en person… Continue reading Dencity

Google Place

Google Place is an interactive screen that can be placed in different public spaces like subways, train stations and information centers. On the screen you can login with your phone and search for nearby restaurants, cafés, shopping and more with search results that are based on your preferences and your friends recommendations.

The Groundling

The Groundling is a play in two acts by Marc Palmieri. The play is a play in itself, it’s about Bob and Karen and their unhappy life, where they contantly arguing with each other. My concept for the cover and the inlay was “trapped”.

SVA’s 2013 ADC Show

Min första utställning i New York (eller åtminstånde delaktighet i en utställning i New York), var i Art Directors Clubs årliga portfolio utsällning med utvalda verk från studenter på SVA. Jag hade min film “Drizzleguard” i motion graphic avdelningen. Man kan se nästan en hel sekund av den i introfilmen ovan skapad av Woonji Kim.… Continue reading SVA’s 2013 ADC Show